Thursday 29 February 2024

Goldfinch, Barbel & Satan

I'd really like to get out for another pike before the season ends - two weeks left - I'm watching the water levels & hoping they're not spawning just yet. BTW the photo is of a goldfinch skull - pretty cool.

Not enough time to go piking I shot down the Small River - and bagged 5 barbel to 6lb 9oz - plus a bonus chub at 3lb 10oz (can find the big ones). Great to get out before the rain starts again later!

Oh, and spotted this advert on the way to the river - living in London we're bombarded with hundreds of adverts every day - but this one really did stand out - brilliant!


  1. A 5 star blog Brian, Well done!

  2. Just to cheer you up, it looks like the Wye will be full of snow melt next week.

    1. I did Google ‘river curse’ but it just autocorrected it to ‘river cruise’… Going to have to make a better job of it next season…

    2. We can't control the weather Brian and it has been a tad moist of late.

    3. My Mum sent me photos of the snow in the Wye Valley this morning… Can’t see even close to ideal conditions happening before the season ends… Next season..!