Wednesday 6 March 2024

Stormy Water

Clear water when I arrived on the Small River, and three barbel in quick succession - best 7lb 2oz (above). Then dirty water washed down - went from able to see the bottom to zero visability in about 2 minutes.

Barbel might like dirty water - but they don't like suddenly dirty water! Not a nibble for an hour or so until the colour started to wash out - then they came back on the feed - two more to 8lb 14oz.

Could have had more - but another landing net bites the dust! It's one I've fixed before - don't know why they drill the holes at the point of stress - might redesign it (and send them the new design?).


  1. Surely a friend with sponsors could sort you out?!? Nice few barbel Brian. I am in London for the weekend next week, just too late to fish the river though!!

    1. Good idea :-) This might have been a combination of my and James’ nets - he tends to rip the mesh, I break the frames - so I occasionally reuse the non-broken bits!

      I’m definitely finding some bigger barbel - looks like you timed your trip wrong! Ah well, next season…