Sunday 4 February 2024

Chasing Chub

Right species, right shape, wrong size! With 3½ hours on the clock I shot down the river to see if I could tempt those chub I'd spotted last time - and I did talk one into taking a bait. Unfortunately the smallest one of the bunch - but if I can fool one hopefully I can fool his big brothers!

As they weren't playing I abandoned the chub and targeted the barbel. They had moved up into surprisingly shallow water and a cube of luncheon meat did the trick - landing five - 6lb 14oz, 6lb 2oz, 6lb 0oz, 5lb 10oz & 5lb 9oz. A better average size so far this year...


  1. Nice to get amongst a few fish though mate, especially this time of the year when things get challenging, keep at it, you'll find them!

  2. Those barbel distract you every time. We need to put blinkers on you, stay focused on the chub! The chub on the swale are the opposite, seen shoals of 40 plus fish in 4lb plus bracket, its hard to get to the barbel!

    1. I realised a long time ago that when I go fishing I want to catch something - so very easily (and quickly) distracted! And very lucky to be distracted by barbel!