Sunday 2 July 2023

Fifteen Hundred

Barbel number 1,500 - not a monster - but on floating crust on an afternoon when they were reluctant to come up for it.

A beautiful 4lb 3oz chub - my first over the four pound mark of the season - but I did see his big brother.

A 6lb 11oz barbel - who beached himself when I released him - had to take my shoes & socks off and wade across to free him!

And a recapture of the fat barbel - at 10lb 7oz she's lost almost half a pound - spawn bound? mutant? greedy? Still fought like stink!!

Right, must be time to track down a Thames barbel...

  • Barbel #1500 - July 2023
  Barbel #1000 - December 2020
  Barbel #500 - October 2017
  Barbel #1 - September 2010


  1. Well done Brian. What a 13 years! Will get my number one from that river this year.

    1. Cheers Adam. They are there waiting for you, let me know when you are heading down there - good to see you are still fishing (haven’t seen any blog updates for a while).