Monday 21 December 2020

One Thousand!

Early start and out into the rain - presuming lockdown 3.0 was about to be announced - and I only needed one more barbel. Barbel first cast - barbel number 1,000 - f*cking brilliant! I said it out loud "barbel one thousand" wow - I've talked about it for long enough and here it was resting in the net!! Not a monster but who cares?!

It was too far to walk for just one cast - and I had a whole loaf of bread - I fished on for a few hours. A chub and five more barbel found the net, including this 9lb 7oz beauty. I couldn't help refecting on the amazing little river me and Dan had stumbled on 10 years ago - Dan I hope you're reading this. Anyway, here's a few barbel...


  1. Replies
    1. Boom! Over a thousand massive bites and a thousand cracking fights... What to target next though?

  2. Well done. Buzzing for You!!

    1. Cheers Adam, think it’s sunk in now - couldn’t believe it when I was peering down at barbel 1,000 in the net!