Wednesday 26 July 2023

Wye: Scuppered

Day two on the River Wye and James stuck to his bait 'n' wait plan & swim, I wasn't really prepared to sit it out so went wandering and rolling. Which tactic would work today?

I was soon into the chub, and landed between 20-30 of them with most over 3lb - and I did convince three little barbel into taking rolled meat. If I had concentrated on chub I think I'd have had a lot more.

James stuck it out and landed 8 chub and 5 barbel - to a very respectable 8lb 4oz - not the double he was after but we'll be back for her. Not the trip I'd planned but a great couple of days anyway!

One of three 4lb 7oz chub (best of the day).

A little taste of what I was expecting.


  1. Plenty of action if not from the right fish.

    1. Yeah, I’ll happily catch chub all day long - especially at that size. We’ll just have to come back for the barbel!