Saturday, 18 July 2020

The Farm Train

First time on public transport since March - Marsh Farm is too far away to walk and I fancied chasing gold! Masks on, me and Richard followed the one way arrows to our train - it was early and we had a carriage to ourselves. Off the train - alcohol hand gel - fishing...

One feeder rod with either halibut pellet or mini-boilie and a waggler rod with maggot or sweetcorn. And to cut a long story short; loads of rudd, roach and perch, 8 tench - and gold... Two crucians, the best going 2lb 1oz (mini-boilie) - brilliant - might have to do it again!


  1. Nice. I could do with a day like that. Must pluck up the courage to but some maggots.

    1. Felt weird to be back on a train, something so mundane before Covid - but great to bank a crucian. I think a lot of tackle shops will let you by maggots at the door - they need the money. Good luck!