Friday 8 March 2019

It Happened Again!

A lovely looking barbel in the net - and click - another landing net bites the dust! And it was a recapture of the distinctive 8lb 3oz barbel I caught on the weekend (chlorine burn across it's left eye - poor bugger). I didn't faff about with another photo.

My afternoon was done. Or I could pack up the gear, catch the bus to the tackle shop, buy a new net and get a bus back - that seemed like a lot of effort - but I did it anyway! Armed with a fairly unsuitable (and unlucky) net I was tackling back up - and I'm glad it did...

Net christened; a fat spring chub - one of three in the afternoon.

A proper christening; first barbel in the new net.

Often practiced but rarely documented; fish juggling!

And barbel number 90 but if I want 100 I'm running out of time!


  1. Rewarded for your effort! I probably would have called a halt to the session at that stroke of misfortune. However those nets do take a serious hiding on their general day to day use!

    1. Time is short and we're running out of season - couldn't waste 3 hours of daylight! That's the second one of those I've broken - the first being yours - I should be a landing net tester!!