Saturday 9 March 2019

Can You Fix It?

I dismantled the net, cut off the broken section (and the opposite side which was also about to break), drilled new holes and reassembled - good as new, although very slightly smaller.

It'll break again - a design flaw drilling a hole at the point of stress. Just needed to test it - a couple of coke bottles waved about in the net in the garden would have done - but where's the fun in that?

So I shot down the river - any excuse! Not much time but confidence is high at the moment - two barbel - a very hard fighting 7lb 5oz and one about 3½lb - repaired net tested and approved!


  1. Built in obsalesence. I am currently jamming overfit
    net handles like a good un.

    1. A really good net, although I’ve now broken 2 of them due to that design flaw - nothing lasts for ever. I might redesign the locking mechanism when I get chance.