Wednesday 13 March 2019

Gale Force 101

It was close - could I bank 100 barbel this season and ultimately 500 barbel in five seasons, maintaining a one hundred fish average?

Not sure why I set myself these challenges - I think it appeals to my obsessive nature - but this time I had left it very late in the season.

I wasn't after big barbel, just needed four more before we ran out of time - so even though it was blowing a gale it was back to the river.

And I did it - barbel number 100 above! I'd cracked it - brilliant - James even appeared and was my net-man and photographer.

I also added the freaky looking barbel above for luck - 101. Nope, not trying it again next season - or did I say that last year?


  1. Was a pleasure mate, I always enjoying seeing Barbel on the bank. Top marks on your effort!

    1. You missed the first 99 but was there for the important one! And glad I could return the favour on a rather splendid chub!

    2. The first 99 were just leading up to the big 100, not important...although I'd loved to have seen the double!

    3. It was good to see bendy back, been three seasons and she has put no weight on in that time...just illustrates some are destined for greatness, others simply make up the numbers.