Monday 11 March 2019

Four Seasons: 3 Casts

An early start, a full day and an attempt to add a monster perch to our seasons. And we had the full four seasons of weather; hot & sunny, cold & pouring rain and gale force winds...

With the winds at their strongest me and James witnessed a big old tree getting blown over - one that must have watched over the perch pond for decades. And one we were standing under an hour earlier!

The fishing was tough going, I lost what must have been a pike on a lobworm within the first half an hour. Then it was just the odd micro perch and little roach occasionally throughout the day...

Just before sunset a dip on the float and my target species, not a monster but I was very pleased to bank a half decent perch. Then two more in the next two casts - then they were gone!

Fishing all day for three fish in three casts, and despite fishing on until we could no longer see our floats no more perch made an appearance. But the monster perch quest has only just begun!

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