Saturday 10 February 2018

Cold Gamble

I needed to get over Thursday’s pike blank - time to catch a fish. With only the morning available barbel were the closest option - but it’s too cold for barbel and I haven’t had a barbel blank this season.

I decided a blank on the river, even in the cold, was better than staying in watching TV so I grabbed the gear and headed out. Time to gamble with my clean sheet - it has to come to an end sometime!

I made my way down the river searching the bottom with polaroids. I could see almost all of the riverbed but couldn’t spot a fish - they’re so adapted to their environment they really know how to hide.

Eventually I had a very gentle bite and a strike met with a fish, cracking fight including briefly getting snagged. But a beautiful 8lb 0oz barbel on a frosty morning - much better than watching telly!


  1. Not a bad effort at all Brian!

    If you are struggling with pike too we need not feel so bad up here

    1. Cheers. Yeah need to find some feeding pike, only 30 days left of the season...