Tuesday 20 February 2018

Tidal Predators 4

An afternoon in the boat on the Tidal Thames, the water was dirty and raging through - it was going to be tricky! I popped my livebait over the edge while me and James sorted the gear out, seconds later I looked back and the float was gone!

An instant jack, this was going to be good... Next action was over 4 hours later, James lost a jack before boating the 9lb 1oz pike above. Not quite the hectic action we’d hoped for - but I love floating about in the boat, even in those conditions.

Earlier in the day I did land my first Thames barbel while fishing for dace livebait on some shallow gravels, about 10oz. Followed by one getting on for a pound on the next cast - think I might need to target his grandmother next season - I’d love a big Thames barbel...

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