Thursday 8 February 2018

Return To The Island

A frost last night, a mildish day, a job postponed until tomorrow - only one thing for it - I ventured back to Penton Hook for the first time in three years. When I saw the water my heart sank; it was clear but really racing through - this was going to be tricky.

I started by trying to fish the fast water where I know the pike like to hang out, but despite a 4oz lead and rod set like I was beach fishing I couldn't hold bottom. I then decided to do a couple of circuits of the island fishing the slacks with a float fished deadbait and lures.

When that failed to find interest I set up shop in a deep slack and fished a ledgered sprat and a float fished dead roach for the rest of the afternoon, and hoped a pike would come and find me. But not a touch - fortunately I had a good book!

Despite the lack of fish it was great to be back on the island, just need some better conditions. Time between leaving my front door and first cast: 2 hours. Distance walked today: 12.4 miles. Penton Hook: Back on the radar, especially for the coming summer!

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