Saturday 16 November 2013


First full day fishing in ages and I headed off to Penton Hook in search of a pike, and perhaps even an elusive bream. First went out a deadbait, then I feeder fished maggots - with one eye on each rod.

For a change I did find bream, once a bed of bait was laid it was a bite a cast - mostly as soon as the rod settled. And after a very slow season it was just the ticket, no big fish - they maxed out about 8oz, but must have had a few dozen. With the odd roach and perch mixed in I had a great morning catching them.

I hoped there might be a bigger bream in the mix but they didn't show and when I ran out of maggots about 2pm it was time to set up the second pike rod and go exploring.

Despite float fishing and ledgering a variety of deadbaits in every pike-looking spot I couldn't find a pike... Never mind, next time - still had a great day!

Just what the doctor ordered.


  1. Pity you didn't catch a pike. Did you try using
    any of the coarse fish you caught (roach and perch)
    as deadbait? Sea fish are generally said to be more
    attractive (cf. smell), but coarse fish -fresh from the
    water- could possibly prove to be superior to preserved
    ("shop") deadbaits.

    1. Most of the PH pike we've caught have fallen to sea baits, I did try some natural ones - shop bought ones though. And I trotted a gudgeon livebait about for a bit. Just don't think the pike were feeding - sometimes they just don't want to play!

  2. Alright there Brian, you finally managed to get a trip out for the pike then!, the Wye is calling your name, and talking about the Wye I would love to make the journey up there in search of a monster Pike, do you have any hints or tips as to what part of the Wye to target, bearing in mind ill be making the journey up by rail. We have to meet up soon to have a go for an Esox or two, fancy a trip soon?


    1. Yeah, shame they didn't want to play but it was great having a whole day on the water.

      Your best bet for a Wye pike by train is probably Hereford, direct train from London then taxi across town to the river. You'll have to check day tickets and bait restrictions online - I think it's sea fish only. But there is a realistic possibility of a twenty. Oh yeah and you really want low clear water - if it happens this year!

      I've got a new phone but lost all of my numbers so shoot me a text sometime with your name on it - cheers.

    2. Cheers Brian, you got the same number?

    3. Yeah, same number swapped from Apple to Google, it didn't take my numbers with me...