Friday 1 November 2013

Jack's Pike #153

Oh no, a month without fishing... And it's pike time!


  1. That Bob sure is a loyal fishing buddy.
    Now somebody please drag Brian away from
    his workplace, take him the to river (Wye?)
    and put a fishing rod in his hands...
    (Fishing is like cycling - once you've learnt,
    you never forget!)

    1. Actually at work reading this comment...

      Bait freezer is frozen solid.
      New line isn't on reels yet.
      Haven't checked the traces...

      Just been watching the trailer for Bob & Stuart's new Caught In The Act DVD - watching the pike floats go under... Got to get on it!

    2. Thinking about it; Me, Paulos & Roger are going to give those Wye pike some stick in January - but I'd like to crack the 200lb challenge before then!