Wednesday 27 November 2013

The Royalty

A trip to the Avon with James from My Fishing Captures, and having heard so much about The Royalty I was really looking forward to my first pike session there...

An early start (4am for me) meant we were on the water by 7.30, dawn - two of only four anglers fishing the whole venue. And it took about 40 minutes before James had a run and a 6lb pike. Great start!

My rod was next to produce a run, but I've missed out a chunk of story - as this was the only other run of the day, and it happened well after sunset...

We had spent nearly 10 hours searching for another pike, exploring some cracking looking swims, trying a bunch of float-fished and ledgered dead baits and a selection of lures. They just didn't seem to be feeding today!

Still it was great to explore some cracking new water and I'm sure we'll be back. Hopefully when they are feeding...

And my run? Missed it!


  1. Must be knackered, the pair of you?
    Is a tough place and never haf any joy there.
    More Boris for me tomorrow thank you.

    1. Oh yes. Nearly asleep on the train on the way home. Back at work for me, good luck with the barbel.

  2. Brian,

    Fair play for you and James going that distance by train,I use the train when fishing on my own for local venues,but that far I'm not sure I would.

    Three of us have the Parlour Pool booked for Saturday,so I hope the Pike are more inclined to feed?Either way it is still a great place to visit.

    1. Getting there by any means... Even though it didn't go exactly to plan it was worth the effort!

      You're on the Parlour Pool now, must say it looked great on Wednesday - hope you're catching, please let me know.