Thursday 21 November 2013

Jack's Pike: Volume 1-3

Well I haven't had time to draw up the cartoons for Jack's Pike Volume 4 - I don't want to rush them, so the next installment should be available early next year.

But you can now get the entire story so far... The Jack's Pike complete volumes 1-3 in one book for only £9.99, bargain... Every fisherman should have a copy. Get yours now!

• Jack's Pike, Comic Strips 1-300
• Fluff Chuckers, The noble art of Fly Fishing (24 strips)
• Boilies, Adventures down the Carp Pond (24 strips)

Available from Lulu
Black & White - Just £9.99 +p&p


"these excellent comic strips take a very wry look at the obsessive nature and quirkiness of the fisherman"
Andy Webster -

"original, of our times, and likely to last"
Jeff Hatt - Idlers Quest

"treat someone to the perfect fisherman’s gift"
Bob Roberts - Bob Roberts Online


Published: November 2013
Price: £9.99 +p&p
Language: English
Pages: 206
Binding: Perfect-Bound Paperback
Interior Ink: Black & White
Dimensions: 9 x 7 (inch)

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I also made a colour version, but I couldn't catch a break on pricing, weighing in at a hefty £39.99. I've put it here, as a special edition or collectors edition or something...

I should really take it to a high street publisher... Anyone got any tips?


  1. Look, we all understand that work has been busy and that you have been unable to get to the river bank as much as you've wanted, we have all managed to turn a blind eye to the fact that you haven't been entertaining us with monster Barbel, Pike and even Mitten Crabs on a near daily basis, but now it's affecting the release of Jack's Pike volume 4, I can take it no longer!!
    Only joking, can't wait for the new installment and to do a bit of fishing with you and the bearded one over the new years. Just make sure the river is in tip top condition will ya!

    1. What can I say? JP4 is written, it's just late... And I'm slowing things down - broke metacarpal R4 & R5 a couple of weeks ago (right hand to me and you) - got to stop using it 'cause it isn't getting better... Can't swap my Mitchells over to left-handed, so (hopefully) a pike tomorrow at Penton Hook & possibly one from the Coppermill on Wednsday then rest until the river Gods give use a great January on the Wye!