Tuesday 8 November 2011

Roach Race III

I'm pretty bored with my cold now, so despite still feeling under the weather I decided to wrap up warm and go in search of a Wandte roach. I had to really, my nice fresh maggots, now a week old, have almost completed their life-cycle and I was worried about opening the fridge and finding a swarm of flies!

Bite first cast and another monster gudgeon, then I started getting little rattling roach bites, I kept the feed going in and the bites got more and more positive until I hit one resulting in a 10-12oz roach (above). I was feeling confident so I didn't weigh it, I was going to wait for his pound plus brothers. Next cast resulted in a big fat minnow (the first from the Wandte). All was going well...

Suddenly I heard a splash and lots and lots of screaming as a small child fell from the high bank into the river, I've read about situations like this, apparently you don't think you just react, I however thought.

I thought I'm about to get really cold, and I did!

If you were one of the people who walked past and saw a soaking wet fisherman clutching a soaking wet child as mum knelt on the floor praying, I was rescuing her, not teaching her to swim, no need for the dirty looks.

I did think about asking mum to say a prayer to the roach gods for me, but it wasn't really the right time.

Wet and chilled to the bone I headed for home - good work on the keeping warm front Brian!


  1. Never ceases to amaze me, the strange things you pull out of the Wandte!!!


  2. Yeah, sweet, a minnow - I've checked the Piscators website and they're not supposed to be in there!

    As for the child - I didn't weigh it or photograph it - so Dan says it doesn't count.

  3. Hahaha imagine that a child in the water, Thats a great PB Brian, Hope your saving the gudgion for pike bait, Great Roach as well, Busy fishing trip really,

  4. good one Brian, truly a local hero tonight

  5. Was the kid wearing Chinese Mittens?

  6. Hi Brian, I am really enjoying hearing about your Roach fishing exploits. Hopefully i will bump in to you again soon and i can talk locations with you ;)

    Well done on the rescue, its funny as i have had to deal with two very similar situations myself as an angler, once a small child and the most recent an OAP on a mobility scooter who took a wrong turn in to my local carp lake and got trapped under it with just his head out of water. Luckily for him i was fishing just round the corner.....

    Keep up the good work on all fronts, theres a 2lb roach out there somewhere I am sure!


  7. Unofficial jobs of fishermen: Tourist information, litter monitor, lifeguard...