Tuesday 1 November 2011

Pike At The Palace

A trip to Blenheim Palace today with Sean from Fishmail, the early morning water looked great, the sky was overcast and there was a light breeze, perfect for pike fishing. And we were the only boat on the water!

We started off trolling, and 40 minutes later Sean had a run on a small roach deadbait and a 9lb 0oz pike, below. A cracking start. I had a couple of bumps on a plug before Sean had another run, he was caught in a snag - or so we thought before a bigger fish powered away - but pulled the hook. Seconds later he had a third run, but the fish dropped the bait. They seemed to be feeding.

Then the sun came out and all went quite, we trolled right around the lake before settling into a spot to wait for the fish to come back on the feed, we'd only been there a few minutes before I had a run - but the pike dropped the bait.

Hours passed but the fish weren't playing.

As the light was fading and we were running out of time, Sean had another run on roach deadbait. He hit the fish and it powered off, it put up a great fight while I wound in the other rods, moved the ores and set up the net (it's a busy job when you're not the one connected to the fish).

The pike fought well above it's weight before Sean got it over the net. She went 12lb 6oz, and they say still water pike don't fight! What a fantastic fish.

We had a few more trolls over the area until darkness descended and it was time to head back to the boathouse. Well done Sean, revenge for our trip to Chew! Thank you I had a fantastic day, even if I was just net-man.

We left making plans to return... Can't wait.


  1. That looks a great water Brian, And a couple of very good Pike for Sean, They look like river pike with that slimline muscular body, A you can tell they are a fighting fish,
    Great Blogging mate,

  2. Blenheim is arguably the queen of the estate lakes and (for me at least) wins over a trout reservoir every time. Part of that's the history and atmosphere but a big part is the potential: it's done a number of thirties, including a very big fish of just a few years back - an estate lake that's home to a potential forty is as good as it gets (maybe even the equal of the Wye at a well known stretch near a well known pub!)

  3. It's the first time I've been there and it looks great. It is smaller than I imagined but will still take a while to learn where the fish are, not many features to fish to. Sean has fished there quite a lot so I'm starting to get an insight.

    I saw the photo of the 37 before I went and was amazed we were the only two people fishing. Can't wait to go back, and Paddy, you're right they do look like river pike - can't wait to hook one!

    Lot's of well known stretches on the Wye, and well know pubs so I'm not sure which you are referring to, but I'll be hitting the river later in the month for my Wye pike fix.

  4. It was Bredwardine - you'll know the pub!

  5. I just saw in one of your photo's two can's of Fosters, do the empty ones I keep fishing out from under the decking belong to you? If so could you please take them with you or if you see some one doing it remind them that the fishing is for everyone! I know the country is full of self centered people with a blatant disregard for England's beautiful waterways, this gives true fisherman a bad name as when I fish penton the local dog walkers all comment on rubbish especially Beer cans .....Alcohol and bodies of water do not mix anyway, be careful and tidy up everyone!!!!!!

  6. No, we insure all the litter is removed from the pegs we fish, ours and stuff left by others. To be honest I haven't seen a lot of litter there. There is a much greater problem on the Wandle, you could fill up a roll of bin bags on some stretches.