Monday 7 August 2023

Lakes: Carp

A trip to the Lake District and I joined top local angler Terry in search of a few carp. Tucked away in the corner of an iron pit we were using method feeders and a choice of worms or prawns for bait.

A slow start but after about half an hour the action really warmed up; at times the fish were hitting the bait on the drop! Carp between two and twelve pounds with a few bream and perch in the mix.

In 7 hours we must have caught well over 50 carp between us, surrounded by beautiful countryside - it was very difficult to drag ourselves away! Massive thanks to Terry for the invite - a great day!!

That's not quite the end of the story - on the way home we stopped off at an abandoned trout lake - with untapped pike potential. I will be back when the leaves start to drop - to be continued...

A fully scaled mirror carp (caught by Terry).

My first perch in over a year - on the last cast.

Double bream hook up, we had a few double carp hook ups.

Best carp of the session - lovely double figure common.

A stunning mirror carp.


  1. Sounds like a fun session, nicely scaled too.

    1. Really was, nearly constant action when the fish arrived in our corner of the lake. And that fully scaled was a stunner.

  2. Like the sound of that trout lake!

  3. That Trout lake sounds like heaven! Top bombing on the Carp front, they would look nice in my pond!

    1. Those carp were in great condition. And you can’t beat the anticipation of an unexplored pike lake!