Saturday 28 January 2023

Two Casts

A day on the small river with James - would the barbel want to play after the cold weather? Oh yes. And I managed my best two barbel of the season (so far) in two casts - 8lb 10oz followed by a beautiful double, 10lb 9oz - brilliant! With back-up fish of 7lb 0oz, 6lb 0oz and about 3lb - a fantastic day on the winter river!!


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Adam, I’d spotted both of those bigger barbel on a previous trip and was determined to put them on the bank - was handy having James there to net and photograph them.

  2. Chief netsman! I quite like that title, glad they didn't do the houdini on you and hung around long enough to catch them, was great to see mate and massive well done on getting them out of there, most would look at that and turn around!

    1. Chief Netsman for a change - normally that’s my job! Hoped they’d still be there - nobody would be daft enough to try and get them out of there!!