Thursday, 2 February 2023

Missing Chub

An afternoon on the small river - 6 weeks left to catch one of the big chub. But once again they've vanished - I did find two smaller ones, including this very distinctive 4lb 3oz fish in the winter sunshine.

Hopefully I'll find them. I did find three barbel - 6lb 11oz, 5lb 15oz and about 4lb - great stuff. If I can find more time I'd like to track down an end of season pike - until then the chub seach continues...


  1. Maybe look down the back of the sofa, there is sure to be some time hiding down there! Not sure where it all disappears too, the chub too!!

    1. Good idea - and there is normally a sofa or two in that river! Have you solved the case of the missing chub? Stay tuned…