Saturday 14 January 2023

Friday The Thirteenth

Last Saturday I joined James on his mission to land a River Kennet double barbel. A miserable day but we covered a lot of water - not sure it would be possible for two people to cover more water! A blank for me - but James finally got the bite he wanted - nice one!

So after a week of rain I hit the small river to try & get a bend in the rod. And a barbel first cast - just what I needed! A wander about for a few hours and nine barbel plus 2 bonus chub found the net. I'd like to add a few barbel from some more rivers to my account though.

James' new river double, number eighteen, is here. On target to reach 20 doubles from different rivers before the season ends?


  1. Replies
    1. Hopefully. Or you can go to a new river and bag your target on the first trip…!?!

  2. Replies
    1. Remarkable for January, they were really on the feed - perhaps they can sense the cold weather is coming.

  3. Great day that was mate, worked hard last Saturday and was duly rewarded in the greatest fashion.

    As for your haul of Barbel, speechless. Whilst most have hung up the rods until June we are out enjoying the fruits of a mild winter spell! Rock on mate!

    1. I was a hard day in horrible weather, but that barbel in the nick of time made the trip more than worth it (even if it did fall to your rod!)

      Still bagging the winter barbel, still searching for a double - it’s going to get harder now until the weather warms up gain though…

    2. It certainly will, when the temps rise again in around a week' time it'll be back to Barbel. Meanwhile I'm thinking of a Pike trip...

    3. Yeah, too cold for barbel this week - mad frost out there at the moment. Sign me up for a pike trip…