Sunday 7 February 2021

Personal Best

So far I've managed to beat three Personal Bests this season - rudd and wels by design and barbel by playing the numbers game - but as the target weight increases it gets more difficult each season.

So I've worked out my PB list as a percentage of the British Record (at the time of capture). I can identify the easier post-lockdown targets - any excuse for a table! Perch & eels look like a good starting target...

 Species PB Record %
 Barbel 14lb 2oz 21lb 1oz 67%
 Bream 10lb 9oz 22lb 11oz 47%
 Carp 28lb 12oz 67lb 8oz 43%
 Crucian Carp 3lb 8½oz 4lb 10oz 76%
 Chub 6lb 12oz 9lb 5oz 72%
 Dace 11¼oz 1lb 5oz 53%
 Eel 2lb 11oz 11lb 2oz 24%
 Gudgeon 2oz 11dr 5oz 54%
 Minnow 18 grams 24 grams 75%
 Orfe 5lb 1oz 8lb 5oz 61%
 Perch 2lb 4oz 6lb 3oz 36%
 Pike 25lb 4oz 46lb 13oz 53%
 Roach 1lb 15oz 4lb 4oz 46%
 Rudd 1lb 14oz 4lb 10oz 40%
 Ruffe 2oz 5oz 40%
 Tench 7lb 12oz 15lb 3oz 51%
 Wels Catfish 30lb 3oz -- --
 Zander 9lb 1oz 21lb 5oz 42%
 Grayling 2lb 11oz 4lb 4oz 63%

Breakdown across river, canal and stillwater is here.


  1. Phil Smith used to say that a true reflection of your pb list is if you show your 3rd biggest of each species.
    I however,decline such an open window on my failures. ;o)

    1. I’ve heard of a PB3; it’s where you add the weight of your biggest 3 of each species together then divide by 3 for a true reflection - this removes any freaks and flukes. But I like the odd freak and fluke in my list :-)

  2. Awesome! has got me thinking...

    1. I’m not the first to work these out, both Mick Newey (Quagswagging) and Jeff Hatt (Idler’s Quest) have done this before me - Jeff working out his overall PB percentage.

      My overall PB is 52.3% - something to improve on...

      Plus it highlights the softer targets...

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