Wednesday 3 February 2021

Barbel Blog

My weekly fishing fix - and after a wander about and three barbel - I scaled the gear right down and tried to find a gudgeon or roach. Not a bite! Conditions weren't great and more rain is on the way - but it feels like we're starting to run out of season...


  1. Have you just got a big tank full of barbel in the garden? 'Three more barbel but couldn't catch a roach or a gudgeon', I know people that would kill for that. :o)

    1. Weirdly I do have a swimming pool at the bottom of my garden, but it’s cracked and abandoned - and not mine - otherwise it would be a carp pond. Too many barbel - what a fantastic problem to have!!

    2. not raining cats and dogs, more like raining Babel!

    3. Think the water is too cold for the smaller fish - until they acclimatise to it...