Tuesday 16 February 2021

Long Shot

First time it’s jumped above freezing for over a week - a Spring like 12°C and sunny! Yeah - sunny!! Problem was the river was cold, full of melted snow - and even worse salt washed off the roads.

It was a long shot but would the barbel be feeding? Hell yeah! Six barbel and an OOS brown trout found the net. Great to be back on the riverbank after two weeks - a much needed fishing fix!

Quick snap of the trout - as it's something different!

Best barbel of the session at 7lb 14oz - barbel #227


  1. Hi Brian - it’s Simon we met on your long walk on Tooting Common. Good to see you had a productive session. Great fishing 👍

    1. Hi Simon, was good to bump into you and chat about the river. Thought I was walking into a blank with all that snow in the water - just proves you’ve got to be in it to win it.