Friday 18 June 2021

Ten Thousand Miles

On the opening day while searching for barbel I spotted a shoal of roach, some of which looked over a pound, so after a stormy night I was back - armed with bread and the trotting gear.

Not sure if the roach had moved or the barbel were beating them to the bait - no roach - just little barbel. Nothing over 3lb but 11 barbel on the float was great fun - they don't all have to be monsters!

I also noticed I have walked 10,000 miles since I started wearing a Fitbit - it took 4 years, 5 months and 16 days - that's a lot of walking for a lazy hobby! On to the next ten thousand miles...


  1. Hi mate, love your blog. Is this on the urban chalkstream? If so, I have heard of decent roach there but not seen or caught any. Thought they were a thing of myth and legend?

    1. Yeah, it’s a river of myths and legends! My best out of there is 1lb 14½oz - and I’m hoping to beat it this season...