Friday 11 June 2021

Bugs & Beasts 5

Species 35 - Wood Whites - not many places you can find these.

Species 36 - Adonis Blue - a female posing in the sunshine.

One of our rarest butterflies - the Glanville Fritillary.

The tiny Small Blue - not easy to photograph.

Common Newt - or is it a Great Crested?


  1. Great pictures, well done.
    I remember travelling to the Isle of White just to photograph Glanville Frits. We found them, the caterpillars and pupa so it was a good trip.
    There's never any doubt when you find a great crested, they dwarf smooth and palmates.

    1. I’m very lucky with the Glanville Fritillaries, James has been tracking them since they were caterpillars - I just jumped on his groundwork and saw 3 of them - and they are posers for a photo!

      I haven’t seen a Great Crested Newt since I was a kid - seem to remember they were much bigger. One summer we caught dozens of them and moved them from a pond that was going to be filled in - probably illegal even back then - but better moved than dead!