Monday 28 June 2021

Changing River

Over the last 12 years I’ve fished the small river the water purity has improved year on year, there is far more insect life and the fish stocks have increased dramatically.

Does more fish mean smaller fish? There seems to be a lot more barbel in the river - in four sessions out this season I’ve landed 46 of them! The biggest so far going 5lb 10oz.

But over the past few seasons there does seem to be far fewer fish in the 6-9lb region, the next batch of doubles - or are they hiding in there and I can’t find them?

All rivers flow in cycles - and I’m not complaining about too many fish - plus I’m sure there is the odd monster lurking about in there - just waiting to be discovered! The hunt continues...


  1. When your water is producing just enjoy it as it is certain to change. You may end up with less but bigger fish..... then sod all.

    1. No one enjoys this river, and catching 2 & 3 pound barbel more than me. Due to it’s location it’s always on the edge of a major pollution incident - and I know I might wake up tomorrow and it’s gone. Just noting/speculating the changes I see as I spend more time on the water.