Saturday 26 June 2021

Bugs & Beasts 6

My favourite butterfly species, a Meadow Brown posing in the sun.

An open winged Holly Blue - they don't sit like this often.

A Small Tortoiseshell fresh off the mint.

A battle scared male Adonis Blue - still flying about though.

And a female Stag Beetle - only seen two females so far this year.


  1. This morning I feel just like that Adonis Blue.

    1. Wake up with a hangover = Adonis Blue
      Remember I’m going fishing = Meadow Brown
      Catch barbel / pike = Tortoiseshell

    2. You have a very modest preference list Brian, to many the meadow brown would be way down the list - me included. Marbled White however....

    3. The Meadow Brown is the most difficult to photograph - they are aware of your presence and fly as soon as you get near them. Marbled Whites are real posers - I think the my preference list is based on effort... Haven’t got a White Letter Hairstreak yet - preference list will change.