Tuesday 2 June 2020

Pre-Season 2020/21

Lockdown: Weird closed season, I had planned to spend some time exploring the canals - but Bat Flu meant staying at home. Fortunately I have a garden, plus some ponds fairly close for a bit of fish-spotting.

Escape to the pond: As soon as lockdown was eased me and James hit a little farm pond after tench - so good to be back on the bank. And six tench to 6lb 8oz was a cracking result! Blog post to follow.

Flight night: The weather was hot. Barbel were spawning in April, carp in early May and I saw my first stag beetle on the 24th May - it’s magical sat in the garden watching the beetles buzzing about!

A Cat 24 Hours: A trip out chasing wels with James & Richard - and conditions couldn’t have been more perfect. A 1000lb+ bag of fish between us, including a 30lb+ PB each - blog post to follow.

Scuppered Plans: I think Covid 19 is still going to interfere with this season, the shark fishing adventure this year has had to be postponed and I think local lockdowns may spoil other plans.

Barbel Challenge 2020: I’m going to continue my barbel challenge, again setting a target of 100 fish. With far less time on the river this season it won’t be easy - but it’s just great to be on the riverbank.

Other Plans: The first river target is a 2lb+ rudd, and I’d like to track down those dace that eluded me last year. Pike will be my winter target - but I’m getting ahead of myself - roll on the sixteenth...


  1. I Look forward to reading the details and am sooo jealous of the stag beetles.

    1. More beetles about last night, I’m still hoping to get some combat shots before the short breeding season ends.