Thursday 25 June 2020

The Shallows

Anglers like nothing more than a nice deep hole - actually they do - a nice deep hole on a bend! It’s where the fish hang out. But when they’re not at home where are they? Try the weedbeds close by - as long as they have cover and water over their back they seem happy.

A morning freelining meat and bread in the shallows. And some of the places you wouldn’t expect to hold chub and barbel - until one darts out and grabs a bait. Great visual fishing - and four chub to about 4lb and four barbel to 7lb 11oz landed before the heat put them off.



  1. I'm going to leave it a little I think, the Chub are calling my name. :)

    1. The river record is going to tumble this year!!

    2. And thought it did when I see that roll in the net. Early days yet mind you.

  2. Replies
    1. 13 down... 87 to go...

    2. Haha! You need a challenge, that’s child’s play for you.