Saturday 7 March 2020

Sunshine & Flying Lures

Not only did it stop raining for a day - the sun came out! Lure gear has been packed and by the door for a while now, waiting for just such an occasion - to the pike ponds - before it starts raining again...

The ponds were flooded and the water was dirty but I felt confident. Two of hours of thrashing the water I had a slamming take and a big pike showed herself - upper double, maybe over the magic number...

Hook-hold looked good - great fight and as she was over the net the hook pulled! I ducked the flying lure and quickly picked the net up. I could literally feel her slide over the side of the net to freedom!

Gutted. Gutted. Gutted! I know that’s why they call it fishing not catching etc... But f*ck! I fished on for two hours, landing two jacks - that helped ease the pain - but it’s still going to give me nightmares!


  1. The pain that only an angler can feel :-(

  2. Yes, a horrible feeling. I sympathise...

    1. Still got a few days - hope she stays in the same area and I get another chance...