Friday 29 November 2019

Mystery Of The Pond

Or the case of the missing pike. I’m struggling to catch pike this season - which is weird because this time last year I was bagging up. And one pond in particular is proving a mystery:
  • October/November 2018: 12 sessions, 46 pike
  • October/November 2019: 7 sessions, 3 pike
Using the same gear, same lures and covering all of the water - I’m struggling to work out why (unless I’ve lost all lure fishing ability). I’ve thought of a few possible reasons (excuses):
  • Fish kill? Unlikely, would have heard.
  • Poached? Again unlikely as it’s well policed.
  • Missing the short feeding spell, mornings or nighttime?
  • A couple of big pike eating the smaller ones?
I’d seen plenty of jacks here in the summer so I was hoping it was the latter, so I spent 4 hours thrashing the water to a foam with a Savage Gear 3D pike - that’ll find them. Not even a follow!

Where have all the pike gone?


  1. Does seem a strange one that.. Have you tried wobbling deadbaits or even fishing them static?

    1. Yeah, very odd. Think I’m going to cover all bases; dawn ‘til dusk, deadbait and lure fish around it... Just need to sort out a whole day.

  2. Replies
    1. I have enough lures to last forever, no need to buy any more... But I will :-)

  3. anything unlike the ones you have.any you haven't tried,or what anyone else is catching on,or take james!

    1. I’m going to give it a whirl with bait - find out if they are still there. I’m the only one who pike fishes it (it’s really a carp pond) so I haven’t got anyone else’s results to compare mine to... I’ll take James..!