Thursday 21 November 2019


Can’t catch the bloody things! Since landing my last pike over a month ago I’ve done about 20 hours spread over 4 sessions chasing them - for just one lost fish - I’d had 50 this time last season. No two years are the same - but it’s tough going this season.

So to try and get a bend in the rod I headed out to see if the chub and barbel had acclimatised to the recent frosts. Four hours on the clock - 4 chub, best two going 5lb 0oz and 4lb 12oz - and 2 barbel; 7lb 0oz and 5lb. Cracking afternoon - batteries recharged... Right then pike...


  1. Back in the big time! I can't wait to get out at some point!

    I feel another coming at this rate ;0)

    1. Wonder how many miles I dragged those lure in 20 hours? Sometimes you've just got to give up and do something else!!

      Another one coming? Are you clairvoyant? Or did you read my text?!