Wednesday 6 November 2019


There is no getting away from it autumn is here - the leaves are falling, it’s getting colder and the nights are really closing in - loosing light from about 3pm and dark by 4.30pm - winter is on it’s way.

An afternoon on the river and a bit of trotting - a real mixed bag; roach, chub, gudgeon, minnows, dace and some beautiful perch. All too soon the light faded and the short trip was done - I’ll be back.


  1. Well, you made me do some research there!
    Finnish, as far as I could tell...
    marras (“death”) +‎ kuu (“month”); the land "dies" for winter in November.

    Lovely perch. I envy you your local river being so close at hand. Still, hopefully I'll get out and have a go for Grayling on the Frome soon. That's 45 min away, and I've no coarse rivers closer really. And strictly speaking, the Frome isn't really a coarse river!

    1. Your research is spot on!

      Yeah I’m very lucky to have that little river half an hour away - spent a hell of a lot of time exploring it over the past 10 years - and it’s still got secrets to uncover.

      Hoping to get to The Frome for some grayling myself this month (with the pike kit back-up plan). Good luck, look forward to the report.

  2. Perfect time to fish right now. And gorgeous colours

    1. Can’t beat a wander about with the stick ‘n’ pin this time of year - never know what you’re going to find...