Monday 8 July 2019

Shark Hat

Hat Test 01: Barbel 6lb 0oz, followed by it’s twin, also exactly 6lb...

Then a 7lb 0oz one, followed by a wander and three threes...

Next up, 7lb 9oz...

And finished the short session with this beast - 5lb 2oz chub...

Perhaps this hat is lucky - ah well!

For the records: 7lb 9oz, 7lb 0oz, 6lb 0oz, 6lb 0oz, 3lb, 3lb & 3lb (45)


  1. Bubba - Shark do do doo doo do doo

    You'll be singing that al day :o)

    1. BUBBA-SHARK! Well that’s the new battle cry sorted out to go with the new hat... Or have I been watching too much Rick & Morty?