Thursday 18 July 2019

Black Gold!

Walking along the river, eyes always glued to the riverbed, I noticed the silt had recently been disturbed. I sat back and watched, waiting for the culprits - and soon enough three carp swam into view.

A few bits of bread crust floated down to them and they were soon feeding off the surface. And my freelined crust was instantly nailed by the biggest of the bunch - cracking fight in the fast water.

A jet-black chalk stream common carp - 12lb 9oz - but weight is really unimportant when they look like this - beautiful! And to my mind there is no better way to catch them than off the top.

A fish like that would make anyone’s day - but she was the last fish in a bit of a mixed bag, along with three barbel, a chub and an eel - an absolutely fantastic afternoon in the sunshine.

For the barbel records: 5lb, 3lb, 2¾lb (53)


  1. A stunning river carp and one I'd been chuffed to have caught myself!

    1. There were two more; another common and a mirror - both completely black... But you’ll have to be quick as I’m going back for them!

    2. Not got the time, efforts elsewhere! Best of luck!

    3. Ah, the double bluff... :-)

    4. Beautiful fish - now where was it again?

    5. The carp in that river are so transient I’ll probably not see her there again. But I’ll always peer in that spot expecting to see them for the rest of the season...