Saturday 6 July 2019


A tree grabbed my hat off my head and catapulted it into the river. In my haste to net it I got the reel tangled in the net and transferred the hook into my hand - untangled and unhooked I was in time to watch my hat float away! Desperately I ran downstream and rescued it.

Then I rang it out and ripped it!!

Originally send to me from the States by my brother I’ve been wearing this hat fishing for far longer than the ten years I’ve been blogging. And I’m not saying it’s lucky but I landed 4 barbel before I ripped it and bumped 3 in quick succession afterwards.

It’s drying out and I’m deciding if it’ll do for the rest of the summer season - what was already a scruffy hat would now look more at home on a scarecrow! Lucky or not, I’m going to miss it when the kids on the local river ask “is your name Bubba?”

“No, my hat’s name is Bubba.”

For the records: 4lb, 3½lb, 2½lb & 2lb (38)

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