Sunday 6 January 2019

Old As F**k!

My brother always sends me a few lures from the States for my birthday - cheers Paulos. And thanks for the homemade card! What amazing looking lures; an always effective Yo-Zuri, a fantastic looking perch and a pike that had been painted by someone who has clearly never seen a pike - I was gagging to try them out...

To the ponds, and I didn’t have much time. Which one should I try? I’m a fan of matching the hatch and these ponds are full of little rudd - the Acid-Pike it was then!! I lost a pike second cast, but after a bit of walking about managed to find two more that fancied Jackson Pollock’s pike - pike know their art - fantastic stuff.

The second pike was sporting two trebles, a wire trace and about 25 yards of line - I think he was glad to see me as he went back without the accessories. I had a quick cast with the perch, looks great, I’ll be taking it for a spin next time. And the Yo-Zuri is too deep diving for here - might save it for a return trip to The Wye.