Saturday 19 January 2019

Broken Blank

It’s a bit cold for barbel but I normally manage to winkle one or two out, so I wrapped up warm and hit the river. Wandering about scanning the riverbed with polaroids I didn’t spot a single barbel. In fact I was happy when the chub above appeared to save a blank.

Out of time I lost my kit on an unseen snag, packed up and called it a day - my first barbel blank of the season (and I didn’t blank for barbel at all last season). Still, I knew my run would have to end eventually - and thinking back it’s been one hell of a run!

It’s the balance between success and failure. I wandered back down the river looking in some of the spots I’d previously fished - and there, hiding under an overhanging tree was a barbel. I quickly set the kit back up and it nailed my bait as soon as it hit the water!


  1. A blank? Never thought you had it in you! Thankfully your run lives to fight another day!

    1. It won’t last forever, but just clinging on!