Sunday 17 September 2017

The Bream Curse

Catching bream is easy! James assured me this morning as we headed out for a few hours on the Thames. I was instructed to bring a big keepnet and a few towels (to wipe away excessive slime) as well as the stick 'n' pin. I had told him about my bream curse...

Well, as I expected, I only caught one bream 5lb (above). What James didn't know is my bream curse affects anyone within a 10 foot radius and as we were in a small boat - even he was stuffed...

Well, he did a lot better than me - but nothing like he was expecting - might be a while before I'm invited bream fishing on the boat again!


  1. Ha, I thought it was pure coincidence but starting to think you're on to something, it's harder to not catch there!

    That bream was a minter though, Most looked lived I'll say that. We will go again but the river needs much more flow, almost like a mill pond !

    1. It's Harder Not To Catch, that's the title of the next post sorted! :-)

      We'll be back!!