Friday 29 September 2017

Old Summer's End

Me and James have both been targeting the crucians this summer, and despite sharing rig development, catch (mostly blank) reports and fish location we've hardly fished together - so when James suggested one last afternoon on The Farm this season he managed to twist my arm.

My first cast sat out for all of five minutes before screaming away and the beautiful 3lb 2oz crucian above was safely in the net. They were feeding. This was what we've been waiting for. Bring it on!

Five and a half hours later neither one of us had had another bite, it was getting dark as I walked past James and asked him to keep an ear out for my alarms while I went for a pee. I'd gone about 10 yards before I heard my alarm scream...

I ran back, James was already on it. I saw my rod buckle over and James simply smiled and said "crucian", but I was happy enough to be net-man this time. I'll leave the details to James' blog. But I know he's waiting to read this so I'm putting it on record; you jammy bastard!


  1. That's me ! Jammy was my nickname from many people growing up, this time my luck came about from a weak bladder, hopefully next time it's a 7lb Chub ;)

    1. You even look a bit guilty in the photo!