Tuesday 19 September 2017

Blast From The Past (2010)

Having problems getting your specimen eel to pose for the camera?
Tired of getting a face full of slime?
You need the new Eel Gripper™ from PikeBlog.com

Simply strap your eel in and take your photo!

Order now and get the book Pointless Top Tips absolutely free!
Sample: "Freezing earthworms makes them easier to sharpen"


  1. how about a pike(or shark)muzzle? eel detector(pulls your bait away as the buggers start whittling away? i'm willing to cut you in on my backgroundorama-pull down backdrop to fake the location of your fish.available in lower severn,kennet,hants avon,trent and wensum.more to follow...

    1. I'd love to do a book, based on the old tackle guides, of completely ridiculous fishing inventions. Eel detector and Backgroundorama noted :-)

  2. check out waterlog magazine-they've had a few such articles! there was genuinely a 'strike-o-matic'-saved you having to hit the bite!