Tuesday 26 September 2017

Old Summer Gold

I had refined my rigs over the previous three crucian blanks (if you don't include a tufted duck). But today, it seemed, they wanted to play! Starting with a new personal best, 3lb 8½oz above - brilliant! And with the target three pound mark smashed anything else would just be a bonus...

Next up was this 2lb 9oz beauty...

Then a double hook-up, the roach went 1lb 3oz...

And the crucian went 2lb 15½oz (so close)...

After loosing one at the net and landing a little common carp I landed this 3lb 0oz to finish. Red. Letter. Day!!

And yes (to those who walked past), my indicators are made out of hair grips threaded though Kinda Surprise eggs - they'll look better when I add a chain and paint them up to look like Minions!


  1. Haha, I love the new bobbins! if the finished article looks as good as I think it will you may just start a trend. Top marks on the Crucian, they are there albeit harder than most think!

    1. Weird we didn't catch a single crucian all the time we fished it together.

      If the crucians aren't in the mood you're wasting your time. If they are feeding you have to find them and present them with a ridiculous fine rig - but looking at the photos it was totally worth it.

  2. Amazing catch Brian...and possibly surpassed James' p.b. too?!

    1. Cheers George, beat James' PB but not for long I'll bet!