Tuesday 22 March 2016

Predator Challenge 2015/16

The 300lb Predator Challenge: I have limited time and have to travel to find pike (and the floods are often a pain) so I added other predators to the mix this season. Having failed the previous two challenges I thought some evenings on Bury Hill chasing zeds would push me towards the target and I also hoped to find a pond close by stuffed with fat little perch.

The Barbel Challenge didn't interfere with this one as I only targeted barbel when I didn't have enough time to travel further afield in search of predators.

It didn't go exactly as planned, most of the perch came from The Wye in summer, and I got completely obsessed with zander towards the end of the year - they provided a big chunk of the target weight and a cracking new personal best of 9lb 1oz.

It did keep me searching for pike, no monsters but 3 doubles (2 from new venues) was great. It was a shame The Wye was out of condition for most of the pike season - I had hoped to spend some long weekends fishing it this winter.

But I did achieve 300lb, I kept at it (which was the point of the challenge) and a bunch of chalk stream jacks dragging me over the target - it would have been nice to get into the bigger fish - but I love catching pike no matter what size they are.

Perch1620lb 4oz
Pike23 (3)116lb 2oz
Zander41173lb 0oz
Total80309lb 6oz

Research: Over the closed season I'm going to find some new pike venues for next season, I need to find lakes and canals to beat the winter floods, and I'm sure some new rivers are waiting to be discovered...


  1. you could do worse than the thames around teddington for post xmas stripeys.also throws up zander and bass(not sure if you'd count them?) any ideas on tench fishing near a tube station?.bury hill is too far to travel on public transport from east london.

    1. Cheers, haven't had much luck with Thames perch - need to give it more of a bash next season. I have to do some more research on local tench, the only place I've fished for them is Marsh Farm but they only get to about 6lb - and I'm after a bigger one :)

  2. i'd like to beat 3-12-0.it's my one v.low p.b.! there's even a boat that goes out at teddington lock from the anglers pub,for those out of reach spots!

    1. My best (weighed) one is only 2lb 4oz - really need to do something about that next season. Is the boat Fling Your Hook? Have you been out on it?

    2. Have heard of some big fish there though, a mate has had a five and I've reliable reports of two high fours. Really got to chuck a spinner about down there in the new season...