Saturday 12 March 2016

Last Chance Saloon

With my Wye trip cancelled I had one more chance to break the 500lb of small river barbel mark - my last trip to the river this season. I had a lie in, I knew I could crack the remaining 8lb 12oz in a couple of hours or fail to catch enough all day - I wondered if the barbel would be feeding?

Hitting the river just after 11am I had a barbel first cast, 3lb 15oz, they were feeding but it would take another two fish at this rate. I did four rolls in each swim (3 and one for luck) before moving on searching the riverbed with polaroids as I went. Next up was another three pounder, 3lb 12oz, I needed one more.

Then after covering a lot of water something nailed my bait and got stuck in a snag, this doesn't normally end well but after a bit of pulling this way and that she was free, a cracking fight and a 8lb 12oz barbel was in the net - cracked it - get in!!

The target was in the bag - I'm sick of the sight of barbel now, so I chucked the kit in the bag and went to the closest pub.

Just kidding - I love catching these and with half a tin of luncheon meat and 3 hours left I went searching for more.

And found some; 4lb 7oz, 6lb 6oz (above), 5lb 0oz, 3lb 12oz and 5lb 7oz. And to be honest I wish I could have stayed longer - but I had to get to the deadbait shop.

So in total I added 8 more barbel for a total weight of 41lb 7oz. Absolutely brilliant!

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