Wednesday 17 June 2015

The Island

Fishing Week: Day 3 (1500-2000)
Location: Thames
Target: Perch

An afternoon on the island in search of a perch, and as I had the place to myself I thought I'd slap on a lure and do a lap.

Lap 1, Mepps: Tiny jack straight away. A few pegs later I hit a mid-double pike which I wound straight to the net like a wet sack, then she woke up and went nuts - back and forth across the river - even after she spat the lure she still rolled about on the surface - one angry pike!

Lap 2, Shad: Not a touch, was really happy with how they fished - what was going on?

Lap 3, Plug: The one in the top photo, my favourite lure - and as you can see from the bite marks pike and perch like it as well - just one half-hearted hit.

Lap 4, Mepps: Again. Lost another pike about 7lb.

Basically it didn't go to plan. I'm not worried about the lost pike - I'll be back for them. But where are the perch? Time for a rethink on the predator front..!

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