Saturday, 20 July 2013

Spomb Vs Bream

Last week I fished with a Spod for the first time, and it was great fun if a bit knackering. Today I was up for more of the same, but Spods are out, Spombs are in!

Spombs are great, the red button opens the entire bomb the moment it hits the water and once clipped up delivers your bait exactly where you want it, every time, with a minimum of effort - I'm getting one.

Out of the house at 5am in search of my elusive bream, Darren and myself were on the water by seven building up a large bank of bait. We then ledgered a variety of hook baits over them and waited for the bream to arrive...

It wasn't long before I was in - but this was no bream, a cracking fight on fairly light gear and the freakiest carp in the reservoir was landed, 9lb 2oz. I was still delighted!

About an hour later, and after scaling up the line strength I was in again, probably the prettiest carp in the reservoir, another 9lber - were the bream going to show?

Nope. Next up I had an eel just under 2lb before losing 2 more carp, one unseen and one about 17lb right at the net... Very frustrating - although not as frustrating as Darren's day - hooking and loosing 4 fish unseen...

His only bit of luck occurred after a carp shed the hook in a weed bed and when Darren freed his gear he found he'd caught another Spomb - the daddy of Spombs!

We will be back for another crack at those bream, we'll get you next time! And to have another go at those carp.


Edit: We decided to call it quits at 8pm. After a very busy week at work I headed home to watch some crap TV and get some sleep. Darren decided to jump on a train and head to another lake for some night fishing..!! And he's just phoned to say his had a 19lb mirror - nice one!


  1. Nice fish!! That first carp looks like he'd be amazing at swimming around corners!!!!


  2. Those are some awesome, awesome looking carp. Good job sir!